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Pod of Flowers : With concentrates expert Jessica McCann from CannMart

What's Jessica's Secret to Selling Concentrates to Consumers?

pod of flowers Mar 11, 2024

Do cannabis concentrates make you nervous?

They definitely make a lot of cannabis customers nervous, even many budtenders. So, how do you move the needle on this category with a lot of margin upside and a potential barrier to entry?

Join Krista and Jay for this week’s episode of Pod of Flowers as they chat with Jessica McCann from CannMart, a local Mississauga, Ontario-based VHO extractor.

One thing about Jessica is she ❤️’s concentrates.

And she’s passionate about getting more consumers, retailers and budtenders on board with this high THC / great experience category.

One of the biggest problems facing concentrate producers and extractors today?

Jessica believes it's lack of customer and retailer education.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

And that’s where Jessica has learned that going slow is the right approach.

By slowly introducing retailers to a variety of products in CannMart’s portfolio, they’ve been able to develop better partnerships, building trust, which leads to trial ~ benefiting both sides.

Concentrates can get lost in the mix, especially if there is hesitation from either side.

That's why budtenders must dig in and understand the ‘set and setting’ ~ stop us if you’ve heard this one before ~ of where and how the customer will consume the product.

Asking open-ended questions to customers like:

  • Current format preference,
  • What they like or don’t like about certain strains and consistency,
  • Where they’re going to consume and for what occasion.

All these questions can help customers feel more confident.

With so many options now, it’s not like the $80/g of shatter from 2 years ago; we need consumers to start asking more questions.

How do you do that?

Jessica has two recommendations for anyone looking to sell more concentrates. Start talking and teaching them:

  1. 1. How to dab - it’s super easy, the tools are more approachable now, and the experience is great
  2. 2. How to infuse 'what you’re already doing' - Bong? Put some sugar wax on top. Joint? Roll a shatter snake in there.

Slow and steady.

Open the door, and the experience will speak for itself!

Meet the customer where they’re at and keep those conversations going!

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