Our focus is to accelerate revenue and optimize operations for retailers with brick and mortar locations.

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Powerful Assessment

Define the problems that matter, the impact and analyze the data to support it.

Idea Sharing

Breakthrough Solutions

Build actionable integrated frameworks designed to be consistent for growing revenues, productivity and profit.


Innovative Results

Advance the internal team training to develop a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Vetrina Group was co-founded by Leandra Reid and Krista Raymer, with one goal in mind:
To make retail businesses as profitable as possible.
Our team draws from diverse expertise and experience contributing to all facets of retail businesses.
The work we do is driven by data and innovation.

Leandra Reid Photo

Leandra Reid
Co Founder  -  The Architect

Leandra is a proactive retail expert on the pursuit for big results. With over 20 years experience, Leandra drives sales growth and profitability through lateral strategies and operational initiatives. She demonstrates the ability to present compelling business cases and influence decisions at the executive leadership level. Leandra’s critical thinking is trusted to deliver key insights and actionable recommendations through data analytics and innovative tools. Before starting Vetrina Group, she led physical expansion/accelerator programs for brands’ entering new markets within Canada, USA and Europe.

In her career, she has proven successful at leading cross-functional teams and leveraging the best practices and processes across the organization to achieve corporate-wide initiatives.

Krista Raymer Photo

Krista Raymer
Co Founder  - The Mentor

Krista is a progressive business leader who is passionate about humanizing retail interactions. Her education and 10 years of retail management experience influences her ability to train and guide high performance teams. She has demonstrated the ability to build training models that result in actionable processes delivering best in class customer experience and sales. Krista’s holistic thinking delivers mutually reaffirming business decisions to drive efficiency and profitability. Before starting Vetrina Group, she built and led training programs for international apparel brands expanding in Canada and the US.

In her career, she has proven to be successful in managing cross-functional teams and integrating resources across the organization to achieve business-wide initiatives and consistency.


Licensed Cannabis Retail Manager

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

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Vetrina Group is constantly innovating new concepts. We move fast, work hard and deliver results.

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Toronto HQ

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Clients Coast to Coast



We are sought by the innovators and early adopters. Our clients are retail leaders recognized for style, quality and innovation in product, methods and culture. They are brands seeking expertise and in-store support to optimize performance and accelerate growth.


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