The Super Bowl Effect:
A Game Changer for Cannabis Retailers

It’s no surprise that chicken wings, pizza, and beer sales increase around the Super Bowl, but what if we told you that Cannabis purchases also skyrocket in preparation for game day?
Surfside and Vetrina teamed up to dig into 2024’s cannabis sales around the Super Bowl, because after all, what’s better at a watch party than weed?


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Cannabis and the Super Bowl:

Traditional cannabis marketing calendars center around 5 peak holidays.

While these occasions undoubtedly drive sales, there are always opportunities to create new touchpoints with customers. 

Super Bowl 2024 blew the doors off expectations this year.

Major events like this create additional opportunities to increase retail revenue by driving customers to stores, increasing the frequency of their purchases, or growing basket sizes.

Key Questions Addressed in this Report:

1. Impact of the Super Bowl on customer purchases

2. Category-specific insights 

3. What it means for the calendar

4. How to maintain a competitive advantage

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