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Purileaf's 'Night Night': A Lesson in Cannabis Marketing

pod of flowers Jan 03, 2024

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Jay and Krista chat with Alexei Chinkarenko from Purileaf Brands Corporation about the challenges and strategies in cannabis brand building and marketing. Alexei discusses Purileaf's selective approach to industry events, emphasizing the importance of budtender attendance for effective product promotion.

The conversation highlights Purileaf's focus on creating products that address specific consumer needs. Alexei shares how they navigate the challenges of marketing within the strict regulatory framework of the cannabis industry, using clever branding and messaging techniques. For instance, they suggest the best time to use the product, without making direct claims, thereby staying within regulatory guidelines.

The episode also touches on Purileaf’s strategy of developing cannabinoid-centric products, catering to the growing consumer awareness and demand for specific cannabinoids. Alexei notes the increasing trend of consumers seeking particular cannabinoids for their individual needs.

Krista draws insights from other industries, and they discuss the potential for the cannabis industry to adopt personalization strategies similar to those used in the beauty industry. Looking ahead, Alexei talks about Purileaf's plans to expand into new cannabinoid products, reflecting their commitment to innovation and meeting consumer demands.

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