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Pod of Flowers: Inside Cannabis Distribution with David Lobo, CEO of Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

pod of flowers Oct 25, 2023

Join us on Pod of Flowers as we welcome David Lobo, President and CEO of the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), for an exclusive peek behind the scenes of one of the world's most challenging and dynamic cannabis markets.

David shares his insights into the complex logistics of serving Ontario's vast geography and diverse population, a feat that includes sourcing cannabis from 300 producers across Canada, navigating the province's one million square kilometers, and supplying over 1600 retailers. Discover what it takes to manage the incredible diversity of this market, encompassing retailers, and brands, making it one of the largest legal cannabis markets globally.

David also takes us on a journey back to the early days of legalization in Canada, providing valuable behind-the-scenes insights and reflecting on the fast-paced transition from medical cannabis to recreational cannabis legalization, and the unique challenges it presented.


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