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Pod of Flowers: How to simplify and automate tasks for both brands and retailers with Erik Fonseca

Pod of Flowers: How to simplify and automate tasks for both brands and retailers with Erik Fonseca

pod of flowers Oct 18, 2023


Erik Fonseca, the Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of O2O, a pioneering technology platform, joins Pod of Flowers to discuss the evolving landscape of cannabis marketing. This transformation includes a growing demand for digital assets such as social media content and menu boards.

Fonseca emphasizes the significance of building strong relationships while expanding one's brand. He also addresses the challenges of navigating diverse regulations and market dynamics when entering emerging markets, the impact of reduced marketing budgets, and the unique approach employed by O2O. This approach not only streamlines the marketing process but also fosters stronger connections between brands and retailers.

About O2O:

O2O has made a name for itself in the cannabis industry by creating an online marketplace that seamlessly connects brands and retailers. They provide retailers with access to hundreds of brands, product information, and various marketing assets, all available for direct order through their platform. For brands, One 2 One offers access to over 2,000 retailers and a range of services, from logistics to lead generation. This dual approach not only simplifies the marketing process but also strengthens the bond between brands and retailers.


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