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Pod of Flowers: Rolland-Pierre Chalifoux, President Nuances Cannabis

Meet the Master Cheese Maker Turned Eastern Canada's Pre-Roll Kingpin

pod of flowers Feb 07, 2024

Join us for this week's episode of Pod of Flowers with your hosts Krista and Jay as they sit down with Rolland-Pierre Chalifoux, President of Nuances Cannabis.

You’re going to like this episode.

It has a lot of interesting tidbits like:

  • The fact that Rolland and his team manufacture 1.5 million pre-rolls a month.
  • Or the fact that their production facility is located in an old prison.
  • Or how Rolland-Pierre got his start ~ in dairy, of course.

Interestingly, the dairy industry is a perfect segue into cannabis, with its precision processing and craftsmanship required for large-scale, high-quality cannabis pre-roll production. #NoJoke 

RP believes the future is bright.

Not only has the pre-roll market always had an insatiable appetite, but he believes Nuances and Irony, their new in-house brand, can win by creating consistent, high-quality pre-rolls at an affordable price.

The pre-roll game isn’t easy.

Creating one of the ‘freshest’ pre-rolls in the game means extra due diligence around quality inputs, airflow, terp freshness and a better longer joint.

Have a listen, and learn more about how Rolland-Pierre is on a mission to give customers that at-home-joint roll feeling from large-scale manufacturing…prison. 


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