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How to Optimize Dispensary Product Assortment with the Inventory Funnel

inventory series Sep 06, 2023

Ever experienced frustration due to "Out Of Stock" items online? Or witnessed businesses clearing excess inventory at clearance sales? These situations highlight poor inventory management, which can be turned around.

Efficient inventory management is crucial for a thriving cannabis retail store. Avoid stockouts and excess inventory with the Inventory Funnel - your ultimate guide to smart inventory decisions!

In our guest blog for Flowhub, we delve into the significance of the Inventory Funnel. From streamlining retail efficiency to boosting profits, this tool is a game-changer.

Explore the Full Blog Post Here: https://flowhub.com/learn/dispensary-inventory-funnel

Discover how the Inventory Funnel:

  • Aligns product assortment with customer needs.
  • Enhances the shopping experience and brand loyalty.
  • Eliminates redundancy and overstocking.
  • Sets optimal prices to maximize profits.

Don't miss this essential read for anyone in the competitive cannabis retail landscape. Gain insights that will transform your inventory management approach.

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