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Explore Audrey Wong's rise in cannabis with Zyre, advocating for diversity and crafting the top full-spectrum vape

From Courtrooms to Cannabis: Audrey Wong's journey of Creating Zyre Vapes

pod of flowers Jan 24, 2024

From courtrooms to cannabis, tune in this week with the trailblazing Audrey Wong, CEO & Founder of Zyre, on this week's episode of Pod of Flowers with your hosts Krista and Jay.

This reformed lawyer-turned-cannapreneur turned a 2017 vision into a reality.

Following an unexpected pivot during COVID, Audrey spotted an untapped opportunity:

The market was missing “a cough-free, full-spectrum vape that tasted like fruit instead of weed.”

The inception of Zyre was a response to this void.

Fast-forward to the Hall of Flowers show last September, Zyre emerged as the #1 full-spectrum vape in BC, Canada—a monumental feat for a craft brand and a testament to the power of diversity-led enterprise.


Clinching the Hall of Flowers Equity Grant was another landmark, catapulting Zyre into the Ontario market and marking a year laden with pivotal milestones.

Audrey’s crusade stretches beyond Zyre’s innovative products.

Her broader vision: forging substantial diversity within the cannabis space.

At the point of recording our latest podcast episode, she notes an alarmingly low representation of female minority-owned Licensed Producers—only 12.

That has to change.

And Zyre is proof that companies with diverse leadership can perform, capture new markets, and expand market share.

Don't miss out on this incredible episode—it's an absolute must-listen for anyone keen on learning about Audrey’s journey of innovation and inclusivity in the cannabis industry.


p.s. Audrey drops some killer insights for retailers and budtenders on how to sell full-spectrum vapes vs. distillate at the 8:28 mark.


Check out the entire Pod of Flowers series on our YouTube Channel here!

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