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420 Dispensary Promotional Calendar

Expert-infused 420 Dispensary Promotion Calendar: Downloadable PDF

discounting downloadable Feb 22, 2024

420 + Deep Discounts might entice customers to buy more... once.

We all know 420 is a massive time for discounting, and cannabis dispensaries will continue to offer category-wide promotions and door-busting deals. 

However you're approaching 420 you must do so strategically. 

A great way to start is by implementing a marketing calendar with five strategic peaks that will help align your promotions to seasonal consumer spending occasions.

Recent research, which we'll blog about shortly, has found that 420 is actually one of the best occasions to drive 'net-new' customers into your dispensary. These customers most likely won't be value or potency-conscious; instead, looking for convenient low-dose products to enter the market with.

After reviewing seasonal industry data, the team can also confirm many retailers are now finding April sales to be flat overall. The big sales spike from 420 gets flattened from customers stocking up on the big day and then foregoing their next sales visit.

Unless dispensaries plan something for the week following 420 in April, you'll be missing an opportunity to drive one more visit before the month's end.

If you haven't already started your 420 planning there is a solution.

We partnered with our friends at Flowhub once again to collaborate on an expert-infused example 420 Dispensary Promotion Calendar. You can even download a PDF here. 

Explore the Full Blog Post Here: https://flowhub.com/420-dispensary-calendar-example

Our very own Krista Raymer collaborated with a few other industry experts on how best to approach this key promotional period. Ensuring your 420 initiatives are clearly outlined to store managers to ensure alignment from the top down is critical.

Here are a few conversation topics between executives and managers that you can try:

  • Define ideal customers to win (Ex. Retain our customers with a focus on the customers who shop 5-9 times a year. Focus on Flower and Concentrate customers. Attract new customers who are likely to purchase 8 times in the next 365 days.)
  • Communicate strategies to win them (Ex. Segment our loyalty program to cover special promotions for our loyal Flower and Concentrate customers. Leverage social media and paid ads to target customers looking for concentrates within 3 miles of the store.)
  • Explain what is needed for the strategy to work (Ex. Awareness, specifically merchandising in store leading up to 420. More updated customer accounts to have phone and email associated so they don't miss offers. Great creative for ads. A follow-up survey after 420 to customers who were in the loyalty program before, purchased 3 times, and made a transaction during 420. An easy way to sign customers up in-store even though it's busy.)
  • Determine what role 420 has in supporting the business overall (Ex. We will be successful if we improve April's results overall. Last year we saw a dip before and after 420. If we want to consider 420 a success we need to ensure we lift the whole month.)


Lots more great insights from industry experts and the incredible team at Flowhub. 

Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions!

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