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Loyalty Program Guide: Free New Year Download

Loyalty Program Guide: Free New Year Download

cannabis retail downloadable loyalty Jan 15, 2024


What makes a cannabis customer loyal? It’s a question we get asked often at Vetrina.

The data tells us cannabis customers visit a cannabis retail store on average 8x a year.

If that seems a bit low to you, that’s because you’re not their only dispensary.

That’s right. The average cannabis consumer spreads their cannabis budget across 3 different cannabis retailers.

Now is the time to download our exclusive Loyalty Program Guide tailored for cannabis retailers and brands to help you tackle the challenge.

What's Inside:

  • Overview of loyalty programs and their key benefits
  • Recommendation on loyalty program Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Pro Tips to creating a compelling program that offers value and benefit
  • Checklist for those revamping their loyalty program

Why You Need It:

A new year means new revenue goals.

Cannabis brands and retailers are looking for a way to drive more traffic, increase average spending, and increase customer retention.

Customer retention drives product and retail revenue growth by leveraging existing trust. By strengthening these relationships through exclusive deals, innovative experiences, and personalized perks, brands and retailers can establish even closer connections, fostering sustained growth and repeat visits.

Loyalty programs are the best way to drive an increase in customer retention.

Consider, what if you could increase that number from 8x a year to 10x a year or even 12?

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