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Learn how to conduct a powerful Coach-in meeting and maximize its impact. Set the tone, empower your team, and boost sales through pre-shift meetings.

Driving Success: The Power of Measuring and Communicating Goals In Cannabis Retail

people profitable retail Jun 19, 2023

Setting the Tone: The Impact of Measured Goals

You may have heard the classic sales quote, "You can't hit a target you can't see," from Zig Ziglar. Now imagine your entire team not seeing the target. In cannabis retail, clear goals and expectations play a vital role in shaping day-to-day operations. When communicated effectively, they create a focused and team-oriented environment.

Lessons from the Service Industry: Increase Sales with an Empowered Team

Have you ever asked a bartender about a beer on the menu and they look like a deer in headlights? Immediately you know they may never have tried it or worse, not know anything about it.

Restaurants often have a high rotation of beers, wines, and menu items. So how do you keep your team on top of the changes, especially if some only work part-time?

You empower them with engaging training and learning, such as samplers of the rotating taps. Suddenly the team feels more comfortable recommending a new favourite and upselling a guest from a cheaper option, like a Bud Light.

In the world of cannabis retail, providing product samples may not be an option, but there are other ways to empower your team. By deepening product knowledge and encouraging your team to explore different brands and share their personal favourites, you can create a more engaging and collaborative team environment.

Because we all have different preferences when it comes to cannabis products, it's valuable to have your team share their top picks in their respective category preferences. Instead of being unsure or indifferent, your team can confidently recommend products based on their own or a teammate's experiences.

Focusing on pre-shift meetings and goal-oriented communication can transform your connection to your products, and create an environment that not only boosts sales but supports authentic recommendations and rapport building with your future loyal customers.

During pre-shift meetings, a leader can set clear expectations for the shift, assign sections, designate duties, communicate sales targets, and share any important information.

In the service industry and many retail environments, things can get pretty hectic. That's why leaders should not only prioritize profit growth but also empower their teams to thrive by equipping them with the necessary tools and support. After all, success is a team effort!

The Coach-In: Elevating Team Performance with Daily Pre-Shift Meetings

Building a winning environment takes time, consistency, and collaboration with your team. Your store operates at its best when everyone works together to maximize productivity, which also benefits your payroll spend.

The great news is that making an impact doesn’t require a lot of effort. That’s where a daily pre-shift meeting comes in — the Coach-In.

The Coach-In is a brief 5-10 minute meeting between management and the team, where important information is shared and discussed. If you have multiple shifts, plan to have the floor leader own running these as part of shift cross-over.

Here's what should be included in the Coach-In:

  1. Relay KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goals, both for the store as a whole and for individual team members.
  2. Discuss any active team incentives to keep everyone motivated and engaged.
  3. Announce new product launches to ensure the team is knowledgeable and prepared to promote them.
  4. Assign tasks and responsibilities for the day, ensuring everyone knows their role and what needs to be accomplished.

Whether the goal is to increase basket size by $3 or achieve 2+ units per transaction, the focus is on getting each team member engaged with daily sales goals, motivated, and determined to achieve them. When everyone is aligned and working towards the same objectives, productivity improves, customer experience is enhanced, and your staff becomes more confident and satisfied. And the best part? It has a significant impact on your profitability.

So, embrace the power of the Coach-In, and watch your team flourish in a supportive and goal-driven environment.

Tips for Retailers and Brands: Maximizing the Impact of Coach-Ins


  • Select and monitor consistent KPIs to track progress.
  • Be organized and prepared for each Coach-in meeting. For example, have a standard reusable sheet that is filled out by the opening leader and updated between shifts. It can include not only your KPIs, but team starts times and breaks. It quickly can become the go-to tracker of the retail store.
  • Conduct quick role-play scenarios to enhance upselling, cross-selling & add-ons skills.


How can you positively participate in these coach-ins?

  • Provide concise product and brand sell sheets to be incorporated into Coach-in meetings.
  • Share compliant SWAG and samples to motivate and excite teams.

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