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Cannabinoid Connect 289: Krista Raymer, Vetrina Group

news release Apr 20, 2022

This week Vetrina Group’s Co-Founder and CEO, Krista Raymer, appeared as a guest on the Cannabinoid Connect Podcast. Gain invaluable insight into cannabis market pricing, purchasing, inflation, how the cannabis markets differ in Canada and the US, and how to create a cannabis store that is ideal for your target market.

Among the topics discussed are the realities and changes to cannabis retail post-pandemic, the psychology behind cannabis product pricing, as well as price compression -when industry participants factor several years of future performance into the current price, essentially buying today, predicting future earnings to justify current pricing. Also discussed is SKU rationalization -a method for businesses to assess the profitability of the merchandise they’re stocking- and strategic discounting in the cannabis industry. Click on the video link to watch and view the entire podcast series on the Cannabinoid Connect Youtube channel.

Read the full article on Cannabinoid Connect 289: Krista Raymer, Vetrina Group here.

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