Customers want to be efficient in their shopping experience… People are spending 50% less time shopping for a product then they have historically.
Aldo CEO David Bensadoun

Inconsistent operational practices and procedures increase costs and decreases sales effectiveness. All retailers encounter difficulty when formulating a system to deliver products to customers without friction points.

Defined and effective operational practices are the foundation to the business. Vetrina Group stabilizes the core operational framework with the brand’s objectives and culture. The result is a disciplined front line team delivering a frictionless customer experience, deepened customer loyalty and consistent revenue growth.


PricewaterhouseCoopers' reports consumers are not shifting their purchases from one channel to another, but, in fact, embracing multiple-channel retail outlets and "spending more" with retailers who diversify purchasing options for the customer.
PWC, 2012

Inconsistent revenue causes cash flow and profitability constraints within a business. While online retail is growing in popularity, human desire to see and touch remains facilitated by in store experiences. The challenge for many retailers is the consistent execution of sales to optimize the online and brick-and-mortar revenues.

By developing a holistic framework, retailers are able to produce more sustainable revenue. Remove the fluctuation and instability of sales by addressing consistency. Vetrina Group focuses on the sales process to accelerate consistent revenue.


Retailers continue to struggle to attract, retain and advance great talent. The average turnover rate in retail is around 58%.
Dailypay 2019

Inconsistent talent compounds missed sales opportunities, recruitment, training, hiring and termination costs. Turnover continues as a result of miscommunications, organizational silos and lack of development plans. High turnover of talent is expensive and disruptive to customer satisfaction and organization culture.

Retail requires a business to analyze how customer-facing teams impact the customer purchase journey. Consumers have a variety of choices, making it exceedingly important for sales associates to build and gain trust with consumers quickly. Vetrina Group enables clients to develop a branded sales culture to serve, inspire and educate customers, while optimizing talent engagement and reducing turnover.


On average, a customer who has a poor experience shares this with 13 people; with businesses likely to lose as many as 70% of potential customers with four or more negative reviews accessible during a Google search query.

Inconsistent customer experiences result in missed sales opportunities, poor reviews and ratings, lack of loyalty and costly customer service remedies. Many retailers struggle to create a client experience that meets and exceeds expectations. How brands effectively appeal, attract and retain customers is directly related to their client’s experience. Client experience informs long term purchasing behaviour and loyalty.

It is necessary for retailers to build a framework that combines the delivery of detailed client knowledge with the operational flexibility to respond quickly to deliver customized experiences. By developing an integrated framework to client experience, retailers are able to address consistency and drive best in class experiences. Vetrina Group focuses on helping retailers to build a framework that combines the delivery of detailed client knowledge with the operational flexibility to respond quickly to deliver customized experiences.


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