No-Cost COVID-19 Impact Consultation for Retailers and Cannabis Retailers

The vitality of retail companies is in jeopardy.

Retailers are experiencing unprecedented operational disruption, financial instability and a reduction in revenue. How retailers respond during the pandemic and economic restoration will directly impact profits, stability, and survival.

Regulated retailers are limited to operate within the confinements of Federal and Provincial laws. Additional pressure during the provincial wide State of Emergency Acts requires businesses to act quickly with precision.

The senior partners of Vetrina Group want to help retailers struggling to know when normalcy will resume and what retail will look like.

  • Scaling down/up successfully
  • 12-week cash flow management
  • Setting and monitoring performance goals
  • Technology to accelerate efficiency and performance
  • E-Commerce opportunities
  • Designing an agility model
  • Maintaining high team morale
  • Customer service experience during COVID-19
  • Customer and staff safety during COVID-19
  • Inventory Strategy

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